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True Spouses Odette, Lancelot Ready to Become a New Reliable Assassin in Mobile Legends!

Finally Lancelot released! He is a new Mobile Legends assassin that relies on the fencing-style swordsmanship that he has mastered for life! Previously I never discussed about the presence of a new Mobile Legends assassin which is none other than Lancelot. He is a new character whose name is not foreign, because it was mentioned in the story of Odette. That gorgeous hero who turned out to have a lover named Lancelot. It is said that no one is able to fill Odette's heart. Until one day he met Lancelot who was injured and fell in Swan Lake. From the accident comes the seed of love between the two.

Lancelot itself is a name of the story of Arthurian of Camelot. He is one of the most influential circular knights over the founding of the strongest kingdom in Britain. However, Lancelot who appeared in Mobile Legends this seems different from the Lancelot who became a legend in the British country. As always, I will first discuss the background of Lancelot, the new Mobile Legends hero a…